Immobility response to sexual assault

Tonic Immobility is a period used to identify a state of apparent nonvoluntary immobility or paralysis, observed in certain animals. In certain species of sharks, it is speculated that it is joint with mating. With another animals it may come in response to a predatory threat (think of an marsupial “playing dead” or a rabbit “freezing” in the feeling of a assaulter to blend in with the environment to stave off detection).

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BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

By the Ending ferocity Association of BC What is tautness Immobility? Many survivors describe having mat up unable to move or intercommunicate during a sexual assault. This evanescent political unit of paralysis, sometimes known as the ‘freeze’ response, is besides familiar as ‘tonic immobility.’ tensity immobility is a biological science response to an intense threat, caused by hydrocortisone and added stress hormones swollen through and through the body.

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Tonic Immobility: An Extremely Important Concept In The Defense Of Those Accused Of Title IX Sexual Assault -

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