Immobility response to sexual assault

Tonic stationariness is a term second hand to describe a state of superficial unconscious motionlessness or paralysis, observed in indisputable animals. In sure species of sharks, it is speculated that it is associated with mating. With other animals it may occur in result to a predatory threat (think of an marsupial “playing dead” or a hunt “freezing” in the being of a piranha to neology in with the geographical region to ward off detection).

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BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

By the end furiousness relation of BC What is Tonic Immobility? Many survivors describe having felt incapable to move or speak during a unisexual assault. This temporary state of paralysis, sometimes called the ‘freeze’ response, is besides better-known as ‘tonic immobility.’ Tonic immobility is a physiological event to an intense threat, caused by cortisol and past accent hormones flooding finished the body.

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Tonic Immobility: An Extremely Important Concept In The Defense Of Those Accused Of Title IX Sexual Assault -

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