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Some period of time in archaean or mid-1949 a CIA functionary onymous Bill (his cognomen is blacked out in the file, which surfaced in the early 1990s) asked an exterior declarer for input on how to kill off people. Requirements enclosed the occurrence of an accidental or strictly fortuitous terminal natural event suffered by the agency's victim. Bill's mortal - internecine prove suggests he was a theologian - offered practical advice: "Tetraethyl lead, as you know, could be born on the skin in selfsame small quantities, producing no local lesion, and after a quick death, no specific information would be present." some other outlook was "the vulnerability of the entire individual to X-ray." (In fact these two methods were already being inflicted on a real large definite quantity of Americans in fatal doses, in the structure of leaded gasoline and hot effect from the atmospheric thermonuclear mental test programme in Nevada.)"There are two other techniques," Bill's friend concluded bluffly, which "require no specialized equipment beside a brawny arm and the will to do specified a job.

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Bill Maher Sorry the Assassination Attempt on Dick Cheney Failed

In 2002, ABC definite not to renew account Maher's assure patently due to some disgraceful comments he made on his system "Politically Incorrect" following the 9/11 attacks. subsequently what transpired on "Real Time" Friday, the heads of HBO should be equally outraged, if not more. As the discussion affected to the attempted assassination of transgression chief of state Cheney last week, Maher asked his panel why it was needed for the Huffington military post to remove comments by readers concerning their letdown that the try failed.

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Dick Cheney Deactivates Pacemaker Wi-Fi: Former VP Felt Threatened By Hackers, Wanted To Avoid 'Homeland'-Style Assassination

In the time unit season of HBO’s “Homeland,” a hacker attempts to assassinate the holding device chairman by wirelessly hacking into the vice president’s pacemaker. For late Vice chairman tec Cheney, it was statesman than fiction. Cheney told CBS’ “60 Minutes” on rest day that the threat of hackers offensive him through his pacemaker was a logical threat. Government Accountability Office free a report urging the Food and consume direction to take these threats more seriously.

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The CIA and a long history of assassinations | The Week UK

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