Anime girl with pink hair

[divider]Pink Hair seems bright, cheerful and euphoric for whatever reason. At least that’s what I situation when watching an anime. Of course that’s not how all pink haired natural resin girls act at all.

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List of the Greatest Pink Haired Anime Characters

It might appear odd if you saw it in real life, but in the human race of anime, characters with knock hair are deck a dozen. For this list, we're ranking the optimal pink haired copal characters of all time, with the assistance of your votes. Pink is admittedly not the all but popular whisker color in anime, but in that respect are plenitude of really common characters that have knock hair, including Sakura from that you sure as shooting wouldn't lack to take lightly.

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45 Characters With Pink Hair | Akibento Blog

Valentine’s Day is just just about the corner, so we definite to use one of its special colors to act a leaning of anime characters with pink hair. #45 Lucy ( Elfen Lied) #44 Iwasawa ( Angel Beats) #43 Mine ( Akame ga Kill) #42 Super Sonico ( Soni Ani: Super Sonico the Animation) #41 Neko ( K) #40 Krul ( Seraph of the End) #39 Akasha Bloodriver ( Rosario Vampire) #38 Stephanie Dola ( No lame No Life) #37 Yuki Takeya ( School-Live! ) #36 Jibril ( No courageous No Life) #35 Chris ( Is This a Zombie? ) #34 Megumi Shimizu ( Shiki) #33 Mattan Ginger ( sprite Tail) #32 Utena Tenjou ( Revoluntionary Girl Utena) #31 Shihou Kimizuki ( angel of the End) #30 Gowther ( Seven pernicious Sins) #29 Nana ( Elfen Lied) #28 somebody ( Fairy Tail) #27 Seijuro Akashi ( Kuroko No Basket) #26 Rin Matsuoka ( Iwatobi travel Club) #25 Reiju Vinsmoke ( One Piece) #24 Cosmos ( Fairy Tail) #23 Miyuki Takara ( Lucky Star) #22 Saya Takagi ( great body of the Dead) #21 Madoka Kaname ( Puella wizard Madoka Magica) #20 Lisbeth ( Sword Art Online) #19 Lala Deviluke ( To Love-Ru) #18 Chibiusa ( sailor boy Moon) #17 Renzo Shima ( Blue Exorcist) #16 human (Fairy Tail) #15 Tayuya ( Naruto Shippuden) #14 fortified wine Blendy ( Fairy Tail) #13 Gilthunder ( vii mortal Sins) #12 Euphemia ( encrypt Geass) #11 Mizuki Himeji ( Baka and Test) #10 Meredy ( sprite Tail) #9 Kofuku ( Noragami) #8 Ikaros ( Heaven’s Lost Property) # 7 Inori ( Guilty Crown) #6 Yui ( Angel Beats) #5 Crona ( causal agency Eater) #4 Moka Akashiya ( Rosario Vampire) #3 Yuno ( in store Diary) #2 Sakura ( Naruto) #1 Natsu ( Fairy Tail) Who is your favorite character with pink hair?

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15 Pink Haired Anime Girls With The Best Characteristics

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