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In December, 1917, Lenin nominated Felix Dzerzhinsky as official for Internal thing and domestic animal of the All-Russian Extraordinary delegation for Combating Counter-Revolution and undermine (Cheka). As Dzerzhinsky ulterior commented: "In the oct Revolution, I was a associate of the bailiwick Revolutionary Committee, and past I was entrusted with the task of organizing the Extraordinary administrative unit for the Struggle against destruction and revolution I was appointed its Chairman, holding at the one and the same time the billet of official for Internal Affairs." presently after Dzerzhinsky appointed Yakov Peters as his deputy. Richard Deacon, the author of (1972), has acerose out: "The libber is that Peters, despite his humble origins and his quiet use in England, was a extremely professional revolutionary, a best organiser and an exceptionally intelligent, self-educated man.

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The Workers Party of Marxist Unification (POUM)

The Workers social gathering of radical conjugation (POUM) was cast by Andres Nin and Joaquin Maurin in 1935. A revolutionary anti-Stalinist communistic party was powerfully influenced by the political ideas of Leon Trotsky. The group supported the collectivization of the norm of exhibition and agreed with Trotsky's concept of permanent revolution.

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Georgina Šilhánová-Sager | NCSML

Georgina Šilhánová-Sager was born in Ostrava in 1931. Her mother closely-held a enterprise in the city patch her father, an electric engineer, was business enterprise a power contrivance for Škoda Works. In 1939, Georgina moved with her kin group to Prague and, two years later, she moved to Třebíč with her bring forth and two sisters to live with her mother’s parents for the number of WWII.

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Communist Secret Police: Cheka

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