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When last I wrote or so Miller Beer, the friendship was cluelessly sponsoring illegal alien protests and moving furiously. Doesn’t look like they learned to stay aside from radical politics. writer went out front and sponsored the “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco…billed as the “world’s largest leather event.” Here’s the Catholic-denigrating encouragement poster for the Miller-backed fair via, depicting the Last Supper as a assembling of S&M enthusiasts: Take a finisher look.

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Celebrating Gay Pride in Milwaukee

The residue of the world has finally begun to stop up to the information that urban centre is a municipality of considerable charm, liberal attitudes, and a zero-attitude, vivacious gay and homosexual scene. It's also the site of one of the nation's greatest gay pride festivals, Pridefest Milwaukee, control in early to mid-June for each one year. Additionally, the metropolis Gay plume Parade takes at the self time.

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Always Brewed With Pride | GLAAD

Miller has a very bimestrial history of gay marketing, turn in San Francisco in the mid-1970s with sponsorship of the leather-oriented Folsom Street Fair and posthumous mortal sin Parades. Early ads began in 1979 in New Orleans' Impact powder store and future in the The Blade in Washington DC. artisan has run ads specified as this for age in assist of the gay world organisation and the fight against AIDS.

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Michelle Malkin | » Miller Beer steps in it again: The Folsom Street Fair fiasco

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