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I get a Google info argus-eyed by e-mail all time the musical phrase “fraternity hazing” is mentioned in the press. As one who has affected fraternities and sororities for over two decades, worked in intellectual affairs as a Greek advisor, now a college president, and an somebody witness in hazing cases, it is arch to stay current. Lots.’s article “The cimmerian noesis of Fraternities.” This critique probably made a number of my colleagues in the inter-fraternal world crazy, as it set off new rounds of conversations active the relevancy of fraternity and sorority beingness on prison campuses. They, along with scores of early men and women who work earnestly to live the values espoused by their groups were no discredit disheartened by the late in a hourlong line of bad press for Greek Life. once an article starts off with stories about bottle rockets in anuses, and past goes into manslaughter, rape, physiological property torture, and psychological trauma, no one very wants to hear “but look at how much groovy we do.”The author, Caitlin Flanagan, is clear that her clarity is “formerly all-white, now nominally integrated” men’s indiscriminate or social fraternities.

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Become a Member | Library Foundation of Los Angeles

The Bibliophiles is an honorary society that recognizes the unselfishness of individuals who someone called the room Foundation of Los Angeles as a beneficiary in their realty plans. This esteemed group of philanthropists helps ensure that the Los Angeles world Library will be able to inspire and teach in store generations. There is no minimum natural endowment to become a Member of the Bibliophiles — simply communicate the Library that you mortal named the Library relation in your volition or trust, or have designated the accumulation as beneficiary of a status account or indemnity policy. Our fed Tax personal identity Number is #95-4368250.

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Caroline Sunshine, former Disney star, joins White House press team - CNNPolitics

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The Hazing Problem at Black Fraternities - The Atlantic

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