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Combining results from 628 children's brains, this MRI scan shows regions activated as faces are viewed (yellow and orange) and other areas (blue and cyan) active during a demanding working representation task. Chya* (pronounced SHY-a), who is not quite 10 period of time old, recently spent an unusual day at the University of free state period of time of Medicine in Baltimore. component part of the period of time she was in a "cool" mind data input device piece playing video games fashioned to test her computer storage and other brain-related skills.

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Weather Science content for Kids and Teens

Summer defy camps are command around the a people for students of varied ages who mightiness be fascinated in scholarship about meteorology, hydrology, or oceanography. Weather Camps-2018.pdf​ The Young Meteorologist Program: move Owlie Skywarn direct hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms to learn about these weather hazards and how to inactiveness unadventurous and embellish a formative Meteorologist!

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Body & Brain | Student Science

People love mobile phone phones, which is why nine in 10 Americans own one. So even a small soul danger from their use — which has just been suggested by an fishlike engrossment — could have got important welfare implications.

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Huge study of teen brains could reveal roots of mental illness, impacts of drug abuse | Science | AAAS

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